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Logitech G305 LightSpeed Review – Mouse Buying Guide

Logitech recently announced its most cost-effective and affordable wireless gaming mouse. In this Logitech G305 LightSpeed Review, I’m gonna talk about a couple of things which is super important for you to know before you buy a gaming mouse.

Now it depends what type of game you play but in general, It must have effective grip, Style and another supportive button for different other activities.
You need to take care of a couple of technical things before you buy a gaming mouse.

Logitech G305 LightSpeed Review


  • Illumination
  • Weight
  • DPI with Laser or Optical sensors
  • Connectivity
  • Sensitivity

If you are buying something between $50-$100
then that’s great actually.

Now, Let’s talk about the topic here which is Logitech G305 LightSpeed Review.

Watch this video from LOGITECH – Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

Well, Logitech is well known trusted and popular brand when it comes to gaming. Let’s see the mouse features

  • Logitech G305 LightSpeed is an affordable wireless gaming mouse specially designed for serious gamers that have built with the latest technology. You can call this a Next genration gaming mouse.
  • 12,000 DPI along with HERO sensors enhances 10X times the efficient gaming experience.
  • Since Logitech G305 comes with Lightspeed with great enhanced technology, you are no bound to stick around your computer after all, its wireless mouse with an end to end resolution
  • Logitech G305 comes with Single AA size battery that continues your gaming experience upto 250 hours and that’s great, i think.
  • This gaming mouse is just 99 grams with 6 programmable buttons. These are just simple and flexible to play.
  • The official price is just $59.99

Final Verdict
As i told you in gaming mouse buying guide, It’s important to check the gaming aspects before you buy any mouse. Logitech G305 has most of the mentioned features along with the price. I think that might be a better choice if you’re tight in budget and wanna get great gaming experience.

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